What are hostels?

Hostels are budget, fun, sociable accommodation for people of all ages

Who can stay at a hostel?

Anyone from 0 to 100 years old can stay at a hostel - all are welcome.

What type of accommodation can I find at a hostel?

Most hostels have a range of rooms - many hostels have private ensuite rooms up to large dormitory style accommodation. Check each hostel's listing to find out more

What is an IHH hostel?

All IHH hostels have full Irish Tourist Board approval. This means they fully comply with health and safety regulations and meet the high standards of the Irish Tourist Board. All IHH hostels are independently owned and operated so you don't need to be a member of any organisation to stay at one of our hostels.

Why stay at a hostel?

Hostels are sociable places to meet and share with fellow travellers. Hostels have a wide range of facilities for their guests such as self catering kitchens, common rooms, internet/WiFi and games. Some hostels even have cinemas and saunas! If you haven't tried a hostel you need to try an IHH hostel.

Do I need to book?

We recommend you book your stay in advance as hostels can regularly be fully booked. To book just click here and fill in the dates and place you need a hostel for.

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